The Roadway Less Travelled

The Road Much Less Travelled

” 2 roads deviated in a timber, and I, I took the one much less passed by, Which has actually made all the difference.”
– Robert Frost

I watched Leni Riefenstahl’s Victory of the Will, an extremely controversial film on Hitler’s 1934 Nuremberg Rally put on by just as debatable Toronto film connoisseur, Reg Hartt, at the Cineforum (a make-shift theatre in his residence). The motion picture blew me away. It was an effective, real-life representation of Hitler’s publicity machine and also the terrible repercussions of electronic media manipulation. A creepy cool underwent my spine as I saw airborne video of column after column of unlimited soldiers marching via the roads of Nuremberg. Little German children and ladies hailing the Fuhrer with innocent smiles and also outstretched hands of younger optimism. Little German young people defeating the drums of fatality. Hitler parting a sea of dedicated soldiers. And also viewing a country fascinated by the spell of this diminutive, humble, and also instead ordinary looking beast.

What actually hit me though was Reg Hartt’s commentary after the motion picture finished. A woman had maintained involving the viewing of that movie, over as well as over once again. She had actually gone to the watching over sixteen times. When he asked her what she located so fascinating concerning the movie. She told him that she was the young grinning girl in the flick overlooking from a rooftop at Hitler’s ceremony. She was with her Mother, Papa, sis, and also sibling. They were waiving the Nazi flag and also cheering Hitler on. They were Jews. She was the only survivor in her family members.

What flag are you waiving? What herd attitude have we accepted without further thought, without scrutiny? I test you to take the roadway less traveled by. It is uncommon understanding that generates uncommon management.

Do something unusual. Most likely to the library and pick a book that you would certainly never touch in a million years. View a film in a category that you rarely see. Participate in a lecture on a topic that would make the majority of people go, “Huh?” What is something you can do or experience this month that is unusual? Go do it.